About The Team



Austin is a Bachelor of Commerce graduate from Dalhousie University and an enthusiastic business person.  As a Top Rookies panelist in his first year of a 150,000 agent company, Austin proved he was destined to become a top agent. Now he is outpacing the average agent by more than 10 times! Austin is not your average agent and with a keen focus on his client’s wants and needs, he is a sure thing when it comes to getting the results you deserve.



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The Keitner Group maintains a notable track record in Mimico & South Etobicoke. Providing a 10+ Customer Service Experience, getting my Sellers the highest sale price possible and helping my Buyers into their perfect home are my top priorities. 
I look forward to meeting, getting to know and working with many more of you.



Jocelyn studied at Dalhousie University and graduated with a Bachelor of Management Degree. Since then, Jocelyn has owned and managed agencies for one of North America’s largest transportation companies and also climbed the ranks at a leading Canadian Mutual Fund Company. Jocelyn’s genuine interest in people and property make her the ideal real estate agent. She understands the human and the real estate sides of a person’s home or property. Once Jocelyn has identified her clients’ needs and wants, she works tirelessly to analyze the terms and seek the best deal available.